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The Services We Offer.

Filey Home Care Ltd provides domiciliary care which includes 'ALL ASPECTS OF PERSONAL CARE' and light domestic duties.

The level, nature, type and amount of service, which you receive, will depend on your Wishes/needs, the assessment we undertake and the number of hours which you desire/require.

  Examples of things we 'CAN' assist you with:

  1. Personal Care: Washing, bathing and general grooming (personal hygiene).

    Assistance with administering medication and the application of creams and eye drops where required.

    Getting up, going to bed, bed making

    Dressing and Undressing.

    Using the toilet, maintaining continence, managing incontinence.

    Preparing meals and light snacks, eating and drinking.

    Reminders/Prompts: E.G. To take medication when it is due, to eat and/or drink, etc.

    Maintaining a Daily Routine.


    General housework and cleaning/Light Domestic Duties: Laundry, vacuuming, washing up, tidying up, etc.

    Socialising and Leisure Activities.


There are a small number of tasks, we can not help you with. This is because of health and safety regulations.

  Examples of things we 'CAN NOT' currently do:

  1. Any kind of manual handling.

    Not cutting your toenails.

    Not lifting or moving heavy objects or furniture.

    Not cleaning above a safe height.

    Not climbing ladders.

    Not helping you with tasks, which involve an invasive procedure (such as giving you injections).

If you have any questions or for further information, please contact Helen or Elizabeth on: 07342 351358 or Via Email:

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