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  Our Mission.


Filey Home Care Ltd offers domiciliary care, including all aspects of personal care, companionship and assistance with light domestic duties and errands, extending every effort to meet with service user’s needs. These include adults aged 18 years and above who are vulnerable and/or suffering from illness, or just needing a helping hand and possibly companionship in their daily lives, whilst maintaining the highest achievable levels of independence.

It is our primary goal to accomplish this by providing the highest possible quality of care to all our service user’s, their relatives and if appropriate friends through holistic, high quality and individually tailored packages of care, specific to each client’s individual’s needs.

  Our Aims, Objectives and Philosophy

Filey Home Care Ltd aim to provide those individuals who cannot fully take care of themselves with care and support, at times convenient to them, in a manor which provides you,  the individual with as much control and choice over your care and lifestyle as is appropriate to your care needs.

At all times we aim to be respectful of and meet with service user’s needs and values, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, culture, race, sexuality, sexual orientation, marital or parenthood status, political affiliation and impairments or disabilities.

We aim to provide a flexible service which is non-discriminatory and respectful of the service user’s right to independence, dignity and privacy, whilst maintaining their right to making informed choices where appropriate, through the provision of concise, relevant and understandable information. Enabling them to make informed choices, while at the same time ensuring they understand that change can occur at any time, and that an appropriate level of support will be provided in order to cope with this.

To make sure that our service users always feel included by ensuring they have an appropriate level of knowledge of those procedures which affect them directly and that they are aware of their right and the mechanisms by which they can make comments and or complaints both officially and unofficially depending on the circumstance or issue, without fear of repercussions.

  Safeguarding Our service user's and treating them with dignity and respect.

Complying with health and safety requirements, making sure that confidentiality is strictly adhered to apart from where there are issues of safety regarding the service user or other parties. It is also vitally important that all records are kept in a safe and secure manour, and that they accurately reflect the service user’s current situation. It is also important that staff members maintain the integrity of any service user data held by Filey Home care, in any format, and ensure that only authorised personnel have access to this information. It is also important that staff are aware that this information can only be discussed with authorised personnel and any discussions held must be in a private setting where the risk of unauthorised individuals overhearing sensitive information is removed or reduced as much as possible.

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